"I met Ann through volunteer work at Beyond Boobs! After meeting her in person I read both of her memoirs. Her honest, informative, and lively writing drew me into her world as she dealt first with MS and then with breast cancer. She did an amazing job of describing her life and making me, as a reader, feel like I was right there with her. As a fellow freelance writer, I have also found Ann to be kind and generous when it comes to sharing her experiences and her insights about the business." -April 10, 2015

Jamie McAllister
Freelance Writer/Blogger/Copywriter

View more client testimonials on my LinkedIn Profile. Reviews of my books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and other book sites. Read snippets from my mailbox on and

“Ann has everything you would want in a writer or editor. She has great ideas, she's a great writer, original, thorough and often ahead of the rest. She meets or files before deadlines and she's a wise and generous colleague. It is a privilege to recommend her.” - October 29, 2009

Cynthia Samuels, Managing Editor of Causes

"Ann provided clear, well-written articles on health conditions and medical tests. She is professional, a strong researcher, and completes projects ahead of deadline." -August 2, 2012

Rachael Maier, Managing Editor
Healthline Networks

“Ann has a warm and clear writing style. She displays tremendous knowledge in her field and is a pleasure to work with.” - May 11, 2009

Veronica Peterson

“Ann has been writing for our health and well being website...Her writing is accurate, well thought out, and has a creative flair. Ann has also been able to respond to tight deadlines and urgent requests in a timely manner. It has been (and is) a pleasure working with her.” - June 1, 2011

Brendan Wilde, Owner
Family Health Media Ltd

"Ann has completed several copywriting projects for me, her work has been excellent and I have always been very pleased with the results. Ann works hard, researches topics thoroughly and produces well written and engaging content, on time - and when required she has put in extra hours to complete work at short notice. Ann is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with the standard of work Ann produces and will continue to work with her regularly. I would highly recommend her. Thank you for all your hard work!" -September 26, 2012

Becky Hilliard, Digital Account Executive
The Organic Agency

“Ann, again your blogs are brilliant and inspirational. I’m hoping maybe a magazine will see them and give you a job.You deserve it.”
“This is so incredible. So beautifully written I am in awe.You are talented.”
“This is tremendous. You really get our vision.”

"Ann has been a tremendous asset to the team of bloggers on In The Trenches Productions’ blog, “WOMEN OVER 40 ROCK!” She is the only paid blogger we have and she is well worth it. Above are just a few of my responses to blogs that she has written for us. She is a dream to work with. I can give her a topic and she will go beyond my expectations when finding a unique angle and vision for a piece that reflects the In The Trenches criteria, while still maintaining her own voice. She is able choose a topic on her own that will tap directly and specifically into what we may need to address and bring to life the truth of the issue.

"Ann is extremely articulate, clever, insightful and witty. She has the ability to touch on the truth of things that speak to, and will resonate with readers. Her artistic writing skill, special voice and versatility makes her an asset to any company who is looking for a writer to express their agenda on any topic they, or she, may choose. You can also count on her to be professional, inspirational, perform the task in a timely manner, and a joy to work with.

"Ann has been a true gift to In the Trenches Productions. We are privileged to have her tremendous talent and grace as an individual as part of our team." -February 4, 2009

Debbie Zipp, Producer
In The Trenches Productions

“Ann is a very talented and creative writer who doesn't stop to surprise me with fresh innovative ideas. She can write just about anything and has great work ethic.” - March 25, 2009

Natallia Tsarkouskaya
Customer Magnetism

"I will start by saying that working with Ann Pietrangelo is an absolute pleasure. Ann makes my job, as an editor, incredibly easy. Not only is she an exceptionally dependable writer, who has not missed a single deadline in my two years of working with her, but she doesn’t just positively respond to feedback, she seeks it out. And that is a true sign of a writer who takes great pride in her work. I’m 100% confident that when Ann receives an assignment, it will be a superbly written, skillfully formatted piece, that 9 times out of 10 will be submitted days before it’s due, which is an editor’s dream. But what it boils down to is this: Ann loves to write and she has the innate gift of being able to showcase that enthusiasm through her words. This is a gift not all writers have, but one all writers wish to have." -June 8, 2011

Nicole Nuss, Content Editor

S/O to @AnnPietrangelo for being an amazing writer and an even better person to work with! Check her out. #writerseditors #content -October 28, 2015

Carrie Hill
via Twitter @CarrieHillPR

“Ann has been a contributing writer for my site...She is an excellent writer. She is diligent in researching the topics and establishing connections to ensure she has well-rounded articles. What impressed me most though is that Ann goes beyond her writing assignments. She took the time to understand my target audience, and made suggestions to help me improve my site. I truly enjoy working with Ann. I strongly recommend her professionally.” - February 22, 2011

Tammy Hung, Web Editor
Natural Choice Network

"Mandy's (a.k.a. Ann) involvement as an expert patient at is one of the main reasons for the site's success. Her weekly columns never fail to resonate with other members of the community, and her insights into life with the disease are thoughtful and thought provoking. We are truly lucky to have her!" - July 17, 2008

Laura Cipro, Site Producer
The Health Central Network

I've had the pleasure of working with Ann for nearly two years now, and I hope to do so for many more. When I joined Healthline Media as an editor, my manager was quick to recommend Ann's work and encouraged me to keep her in mind for articles that would normally be tricky to write. When I assign something to Ann, I know that I'm going to get a thoughtful, well-researched piece in return. It doesn't matter if the article is about a rare disorder where information is lacking or a well-documented treatment option for a common condition — she exercises the same care and attention to detail on every assignment. -July 21, 2017

Tess Catlett, Associate Editor
Healthline Media

"Ann was hired because we were all very impressed with the quality of her writing. She writes with intelligence, humor and compassion. We were also amazed that her voice blended beautifully with ours...In only a few months she has gone from being one of the bloggers on our site, to taking on the added duty of posting all of our blogs...She has also gotten our blogs into web circulation. Her valuable knowledge of the web has been quite an asset to our company. It has translated into a generous up-tick in hits to our site. I know I speak for the other women of In The Trenches Productions when I state that Ann is indispensable to the day-to-day operation of our site and also to our company’s on-line growth." - January 9, 2009

Jan Bina, Producer
In The Trenches Productions

“Ann's style of writing is engaging, informative, and witty. She is passionate about health policy reform and patient advocacy. Bringing current news and intuitive stories to The Health Central Network, her articles inspire members of the community and in fact are the reason I became interested in Health Central initially. Ann is truly a leader in the online health care advocacy community at large.” - March 28, 2009

Lisa Emrich
Brass and Ivory/The Health Central Network

"Ann (a.k.a. Mandy) worked for me as a freelance blogger for The Health Central Network. Her writing was always well thought out, well written, on time, and poignant. She is a committed writer and MS advocate and is a pleasure to work with." - May 15, 2008

Mary Katherine Stump, Site Producer
The Health Central Network

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