Ann Pietrangelo


"Catch That Look: Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Triple-Negative Breast Cancer," a memoir

Sometimes, when that proverbial "other shoe" finally drops, it drops hard. That's when you find out what it means to be a true survivor. Website: Catch That Look

"No More Secs! Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis," a memoir

This poignant and often humorous story of acceptance and change relies on a basic truth -- good health and life are fleeting, but love and humor trump all. Website: No More Secs!


Some of my writing clients, past and present, include:, The Health Journal, Today I Found Out, Jester Judas Yorick, Healthline, Checklist, Justin Reno, The Organic Agency (formerly Organic Development Ltd.), Nextag, Family Health Guide U.K., Natural Choice Network, Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks, Healthy and Green Living, Causes, Customer Magnetism, MSFocus Magazine, In The Trenches Productions, and The Health Central Network.

Ghost writing credits include articles promoting children's charities, spas, the ski industry, and assisted living homes, among others.

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Selected Writing Samples

Medically Reviewed Articles:

The Effects of High Blood Pressure on the Body
Open Swim: Multiple Sclerosis Water Therapy
Newly Diagnosed with IBS? Questions for Your Doctor
Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare-Ups
What is an Erectile Dysfunction Pump?
E. coli Infection: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention
Living with HIV: Is Serosorting Safe?

General Health:

Truly Surviving After Cancer
Sun Poisoning and How To Avoid It
5 Sports for Family Fun and Fitness
Moving the World with your Mind
Researchers Growing Human Hearts in Laboratories
8 Skin Care Tips for Spring and Summer
Fat Substitutes Linked to Weight Gain
Bacon, Processed Meat Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

Healthy Living:

Improve Mood and Self-Esteem With Green Exercise
Beat the Holiday Blues: Be Like Scrooge
Gardening for Body, Mind and Spirit
Natural Health Care: Empowering Patients to Lead Healthier Lives
How Spiritual Practice Leads to Happiness
Walking Your Way to a Healthier Mind, Body and Soul

News and Issues:

How to Talk to your Kids about School Shootings
Ending the Cycle of Early and Forced Marriage
The Bully's Perspective & Why it Matters
Measuring Sustainable Happiness: Seattle Leads the Way
How 9-11 Changed Our Nation
Feeding America…from Food Waste


3 Ways to Teach Kids About Environmental Conservation
5 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble and What To Do About It
The Gray Divorce Revolution: Can/Should Your Marriage Be Saved?
Life After Divorce: Who Gets Custody of the Friends?
10 Things To Do Before Adopting a Cat
Breastfeeding in the 'Family Values' Era
50 Years on the Pill: Our Bodies, Our Choices, Our Lives
Super-Sizing of America's Pets: Conquer Pet Obesity Naturally
The Sister Effect


Accessible Design Makes Good Business Sense
The Art of Inclusive Language
A Typical Life with Multiple Sclerosis
Beyond the Disabled Label
Handicapped Parking: A Guilt-Free Zone


Conference Provides Fresh Perspective for Beyond Boobs! Volunteer
Living with a Grateful Vibration
Inspiration, Survivor, Miracle: An Amazing Life
Edward Janus, Passionate Online Activism at its Finest
Mountain Climber Wendy Booker: "I'm Not Done Yet"
Grieving Son Recounts Mom’s Battle with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

For the Fun of It:

Rightsize Your Home for the Life You Want to Live
It Does Not Take 7 Years to Digest Gum
Judas Yorick Unleashed
5 Reasons Not to Wear High Heels & 2 Reasons You Still Do
10 Things to Know About Flip Flops
8 Creative Pumpkin Recipes

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