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Catch That Look: Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Sometimes, when that "other shoe" finally drops, it drops hard...

After years of living with the debilitating effects of MS, Ann Pietrangelo was making the most of her miraculous remission – not that she didn’t expect the other shoe to drop. An accidental discovery of a lump soon led to the life-threatening diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer.

From a deeply personal perspective and told in riveting detail, Catch That Look explores the relationships between doctors and their patients, as well as between patients and their loved ones. With each new page, it becomes crystal clear that just as a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes, when you catch it, a look speaks volumes. Catch That Look offers passionate insight into the emotional and physical turmoil of learning you have a life-altering disease – and what it means to be a true survivor.

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No More Secs! Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis

How do you begin to plan for life’s second half with a body you’ve never met before? One precarious step at a time. From the impersonal diagnosis by email to a wedding presided over by a funeral director, this is no tragic tale of woe. Like relapsing/remitting MS itself, the book alternates between the serious (“When I turn toward him, there’s a big hole where his right cheek should be.”) and the silly (“The bocce balls don't get out much.”).

This poignant and often humorous story of acceptance and change relies on a basic truth – good health and life are fleeting, but love and humor trump all. Every second matters, a point driven home by yet another life-altering diagnosis.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BAM! (or ask your local book store to order No More Secs!)

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“You cannot read this book and not be inspired by her story.” –Mike, Review of Catch That Look

“The book is written on such a personal basis instead of a detached medical angle. If you have MS or know someone with MS please read this book.” –Reggie, Review of No More Secs!

“It is always nice to know that you are not alone. It is a family tale, a love story, and a testament to determination. Thank you to Ann for opening up and sharing such a personal story.” –S. Brooks, Review of Catch That Look

“This book should be read by all medical professionals and patients dealing with life-changing medical conditions.” –Tricia, RN, Review of No More Secs!

"Ann Pietrangelo has begun a series of posts about her discovery of “the lump that would change everything” and what it has meant in her life. Everyone who has a heart, and especially everyone in the medical profession, will find them riveting." -Steve Millburg, Radiology Today

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A collection of short stories about the fleeting moments of our lives that make us who we are.

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